How to make a round face appear more oval

For centuries it has been universally accepted that the oval face shape is the epitome of beauty.  Though hairstyles and fashions have changes through the ages, one true standard of beauty has always been the oval face shape. The bad news is that only a small percentage of women fall into this category; most face shapes tend to be round, square, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, or a combination of one or more of these shapes. The good news, however, is that round face shapes can be made to look more oval with a few basic beauty tips.

In order for a round face shape to appear more oval, two things must be accomplished. The first thing is to make the face appear longer, and the second thing is to decrease the width of the face. The first step can be easily accomplished by making changes to the hair, while the second step can be accomplished by making changes in one's makeup application routine.

First, let's begin with the hair. There are certain haircuts and styles that are more flattering on a round face, and there are certain styles and cuts to avoid. Generally, those with a round face should avoid short styles (of course, since I am a huge fan of short haircuts on women, I don't always agree with this rule). Any style that increases width should be avoided, which means steering clear of styles that are "flipped" out, and avoiding wide bangs. Excessive curl can also make a round face appear wider; those with round faces and naturally curly hair usually look better with a straighter style.

The best types of cuts for round face shapes are often medium-length cuts with layers. Layering the hair will increase height, and the more height that is created will help to elongate the face, making it look more oval. It is also important to take the part into consideration. A center part is extremely unflattering to those with round face shapes. A side part or slightly off-center part can make a huge difference for those with round faces.

Now let's move on to makeup. The goal is to decrease the width of the face, and this can be done by contouring. The idea is to apply light colors more towards the center of the face (along the bridge of the nose and chin, for example), and applying darker colors to the cheeks and sides of the face.  Bronzers can work wonders on those who have pale complexions, since pale skin tends to accentuate the roundness of the face. It is a good idea to avoid bright-colored blushes, since this will only draw attention to the cheeks. Perhaps the best way to impress with makeup is to draw attention to the eyes.  A well-arched brow and a seductive eye makeup application can more than make up for a ruddy or pale complexion and a wide face. 

With a little practice and mastery of a few fundamental beauty principles, anyone with a round face can dramatically alter their appearance to create a more oval look!